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We’re proud to announce that Mike Fossano has been promoted to Vice President, Account Services, from his previous position within the same account group.In his new role, Mike will be responsible for contributing to new business development, as well as continuing project management for current clients. Additionally, he oversees all public relations and social media efforts.Mike’s history with the company began many years ago, hanging around the office toy bin as a young tyke. At the time, he was a noted aficionado of Grant Hill, Sonic the Hedgehog and Burger King’s French toast sticks.He went on to earn a degree

Imagine a chalkboard without chalk or a coloring book without crayons. It would certainly stifle one’s creativity. Budget cuts have made this an unfortunate reality for students and teachers in many schools today.As a marketing communications firm, inspiration and creativity are at the core of what we do. Art in the classroom spurs both. That’s why we want to provide the tools to help students realize their creative potential by donating essential art materials to Detroit area classrooms in need through DonorsChoose.org.*Snowflake game does not work on mobile devicesWarm Holiday Greetings from Your Friends at Premier

For the past decade our holiday campaigns have focused on giving back to the community; DonorsChoose.org allows us to do that by donating essential art supplies to classrooms in need in the metro Detroit area. As a creative organization, we believe that the tools to be creative are necessary for children to express themselves and hone their skills.This is our third year working with DonorsChoose.org. You can learn more about DonorsChoose.org here.

While we believe our company is only as strong as our people, the same philosophy is true for our community. Whether it's helping to build a home for a family that lost everything or simply giving children supplies they need to color and draw, we believe in giving back to those who may need a helping hand. And we have a lot of fun while we're doing it.Here’s a look back at our charitable holiday campaigns from the past 10 years. 2005 HOLIDAY PACKAGE: HABITAT FOR HUMANITYThe year 2005 found parts of the world ravaged by earthquakes, tornadoes and mudslides. We