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While winning awards isn’t our ultimate goal, we’ve worked every day for 34 years to maintain a standard of excellence that will make our clients shine. And when that work receives recognition, we can’t help but feel a great sense of pride and glow, so to speak. Having been acknowledged with the Davey Award, Constant Contact All-Star Award, Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Award, Communicator Awards, D Award and Gold Ink Award on a number of different projects in previous years, the Graphis award is a new one for us. Graphis, Inc. is committed to presenting and promoting the work of

Just as we started to see the first signs of spring, a winter reminder arrived in our mailbox. Notes of thanks from the children who benefited from our holiday donation brought a big smile to our faces! Budget cuts have made it an unfortunate reality today for many schools to go without basic classroom needs, even items such as facial tissue and hand soap. We were moved again to help metro Detroit students realize their creative potential by donating materials for an inspired – and healthy! – learning environment. Their gratitude was truly heartwarming. We hope our snowflake creator tool inspired your

With the closing of the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, here’s a look at how we put our creative stamp on our clients featured at this year’s event.   Those who attended the show, or saw media coverage, probably agree that the clear showstopper was the stunningly sleek Buick Avista coupe concept. On January 10, we attended a special press unveiling at Eastern Market in Detroit. It’s rumored the Avista may actually have a slight chance at seeing production someday – and we are all behind it! It’s absolutely one of the best concept cars

We’re proud to announce that Mike Fossano has been promoted to Vice President, Account Services, from his previous position within the same account group. In his new role, Mike will be responsible for contributing to new business development, as well as continuing project management for current clients. Additionally, he oversees all public relations and social media efforts. Mike’s history with the company began many years ago, hanging around the office toy bin as a young tyke. At the time, he was a noted aficionado of Grant Hill, Sonic the Hedgehog and Burger King’s French toast sticks. He went on to earn a degree