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Third-party eco-certifications remain at the forefront as brands look to expand environmental commitmentsAs we continue forward into the first quarter of 2024, most companies are conducting annual reviews, setting goals, and revisiting their values. Navigating modern business with appropriate awareness is no easy task, but one thing’s for certain: You’ll want to continue – or start – placing emphasis on your social and environmental impact amid your fourth-quarter reflections and upcoming aspirations.The overarching theme across all industries this year? Sustainable business practices are no longer optional. While companies that were mission-driven from inception are thrilled to see more responsible behaviors

https://youtu.be/6xyq2jCwgS4Our Vice President, Mike, was interviewed by Sara Lavenduski, the executive editor for ASICentral media where they discussed marketing strategies for clientele in the finance and insurance sectors in 2023 and beyond. Mike shared several tips, including the importance of having one on one conversations with clients to reaffirm where they stand in the marketplace and build content that accentuates each company’s unique story and strengths. Mike suggests gift giving as a tool to provide moments of engagement for finance clients and their customers, while explaining how many Premier’s clients typically operate within niche industries. This creates opportunities for clients to

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it plays a major role in establishing the visibility of any website online, which also makes it a crucial element in digital marketing. SEO improves when website content consists of specific words, called “keywords,” in topics and phrases that users search for on platforms like Google or Bing to research and find products and services every day. Direct correlations can be drawn between the value that smart SEO tactics can offer in elevating brand awareness, which subsequently can yield conversions into new sales opportunities. This can be a daunting, if not confusing process, but the basic