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We Moved North . . . and the Snow Followed!

Punxsutawney Phil wasn’t the only one making snow predictions this year. Thanks to all who participated in our “We’re Moving North” contest by guessing the number of inches to fall in metro Detroit during January. According to local meteorologists, we logged 14.2 inches for the month. Congratulations to our winner whose guess of 14.0 inches scored a $100 North Face gift card.

The Farmer’s Almanac speculated winter 2015 would not hit our area as hard as last year, but we weren’t convinced as we shoveled a record-book number of inches from Winter Storm Linus!

While we bundle up to stave off subzero windchill and navigate igloo-size snowdrifts, we’re dreaming of warmer days and places. Check back on our blog where we’ll announce a spring contest. Hint: It will involve more precipitation . . .

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