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The quarantine period has brought out an appreciation of life’s simple delights. Instead of rushing to wait in line for a barista blend at the coffee shop or to brave crowds at the mall for home goods, we’re brewing our own teas and making scented candles at home. Coziness also ranks high, as the versatility of a good set of sweats for working and neighborhood walks cannot be underscored.Many of our clients have been sending their teams care packages. Check out these work-from-home kits to send your employees while they’re working remotely.Yoga Resistance Stretch Fitness Belt StrapNamaste! These lightweight bands

Hooray! We’re thrilled to announce that Premier has been awarded top honors with two Awards of Excellence from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts’ 26th Annual 2020 Communicator Awards. Our team earned the awards in the categories of marketing/promotion and film/video for our projects with Nissan Motor Co. and Axalta Coating Systems, respectively.Great relationships are rooted in strong creative design, effective communications strategies and most importantly—trust between clients and our agency. Having these elements in place enables the opportunity to develop great work that is memorable, original and ultimately successful.We thank all of our clients for entrusting our

How Businesses Can Come Out AheadThe COVID-19 pandemic continues to present many unknowns to all of us and has altered the way that we’ll work and operate within a society for the foreseeable future. The first half of 2020 has taught us how to work from home, have video chats with family and become ad hoc chefs and barbers. But with infection numbers slowing due to social distancing, businesses are reopening as states loosen restrictions, there’s reason to believe that we may have a view of the other side. While being flexible toward new ways of doing business, how will

Just because you won’t be meeting in-person as frequently doesn’t equate to a sacrifice of quality in how effectively you serve clients. Never lose sight of the fact that all business relationships, at their core, are forged by a human connection.  The ongoing pandemic has sent companies across nearly all industries hurtling toward widespread remote work as a forced reality. That means that “let’s Zoom tomorrow” is suddenly a familiar refrain and also left companies that weren’t prepared for this shift to grapple with understanding how to reroute in-person meetings and events through virtual channels.We’re likely staring down a period of reduced face-to-face meetings in the short-