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How Businesses Can Come Out Ahead The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present many unknowns to all of us and has altered the way that we’ll work and operate within a society for the foreseeable future. The first half of 2020 has taught us how to work from home, have video chats with family and become ad hoc chefs and barbers. But with infection numbers slowing due to social distancing, businesses are reopening as states loosen restrictions, there’s reason to believe that we may have a view of the other side. While being flexible toward new ways of doing business, how will

Just because you won’t be meeting in-person as frequently doesn’t equate to a sacrifice of quality in how effectively you serve clients. Never lose sight of the fact that all business relationships, at their core, are forged by a human connection.   The ongoing pandemic has sent companies across nearly all industries hurtling toward widespread remote work as a forced reality. That means that “let’s Zoom tomorrow” is suddenly a familiar refrain and also left companies that weren’t prepared for this shift to grapple with understanding how to reroute in-person meetings and events through virtual channels. We’re likely staring down a period of reduced face-to-face meetings in the short-

Our team was honored to have the chance to provide young students with the chance to build their creativity by providing markers, crayons and colored pencils to a classroom in need.  Inner-city children often are left out when it comes to the basic elements of education. Like all young minds, they’re inquisitive and want to know more about the world around them. Helping these students reach their goals of learning, reading and bringing ideas to life is at the heart of our Winter 2020 campaign, “Making Lasting Memories Through Creativity.”  Ms. Jackson teaches a class of 60 students from 3rd through 5th grade at

Reflecting upon memorable moments often provides the creative spark that can lead to strong artistic expression. We decided to merge them together in our 2019 Holiday Campaign supporting local classrooms in need through DonorsChoose by not only providing the necessary supplies, but also a vessel to honor memories near to our hearts. Maybe it’s a family photo, a certain location—even a dear furry friend—the picture frame represents an opportunity to capture special moments in time. The colors allow the chance to add an artistic twist, whether in homage, to accentuate or just simply to have fun.  YOU Can Create Your Own Picture! Contact us to receive a picture