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“The customer is always right!” This famous adage also applies for the content direction and desired interaction with your brand. If you wait to reach out to them until you want their business, there’s a good chance it could go unnoticed. Making time to connect with them through meaningful interactions and active engagements will cultivate an awareness of your company's ongoing activities. As we always remind our clients: Your website is the central nervous system for your entire sales and marketing output. It is the first place that customers will look to get an impression about your brand, learn about your

Doing a full-scale redesign of your website can be a daunting task, depending on just how much you plan to change. It’s not unusual for some redesigns to take up to two years to plan, wireframe, implement, and zero in on prime performance perfection. This could also involve reevaluating or changing your CMS, navigation menu layout, blog structure, and if applicable, e-store elements to create an enhanced customer experience.  Champlain Insurance Group On the other hand, a website refresh offers a new façade to the same reliable information and already-functional structure of your website. You’ll be able to maintain your existing CMS

They make a statement, especially during the pandemic. By Sara Lavenduski, Executive Editor, ASI Premier Communications Group's Mike Fossano, recently shared his advice about the value of personalization on promo items and why it’s a solid strategy for recognizing employees and enhancing end-buyers’ branding. Q: What new significance has personalization taken this year? A: While we’re social distancing, the focus has been to keep camaraderie and company culture alive. It can erode quickly when everyone’s isolated. Companies have to make sure staff know they’re valued. So, when possible, the items they give as gifts should be personalized with each person’s name and tailored to

Five practical tips for protecting your brand on networking sites. 1. Acknowledge ErrorsIf you make a small mistake in a post or tweet, such as a spelling error, and you catch it quickly, delete the post and repost with the corrected spelling. However, if the post has some engagement on it, or if you tag the wrong company, delete it and repost while owning up to the mistake in a pithy, lighthearted tone. Audiences like to see brands that have an authentic, self-deprecating side. Acknowledging the error shows you’re not too proud to admit there are imperfect humans managing the brand’s