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By providing extra services, particularly digital ones, distributors have been better able to hold their ground. By Eloisa Gutierrez This article originally appeared in Counselor Magazine As the economy reopens in fits and starts, some companies are preparing to fill open positions by hunting for the right candidate among droves of hopeful job seekers. They could turn to a headhunter or staffing agency, or they could use a company they already know: their trusty promotional products distributor. At Your Services: Distributors have pushed hard to diversify themselves in recent years with a wider array of services beyond promo. Leaders in the promotional industry have long touted

Utilizing digital channels is vital to maintaining business development— especially now, when people are working remotely. Keeping your brand top-of-mind with targeted audiences is a good way to display activity, keep conversation flowing and strengthen relationships. Communication is a foundational element of marketing; forming relationships is the bedrock of successful businesses. Develop virtual connections Cultivating your business network is key during a time like this. Help your clients quickly adapt to the change by providing them with new digital opportunities like webinars, email marketing, and taking advantage of digital branding to define your company. Through Appraisal Buzz, we set up an online

The quarantine period has brought out an appreciation of life’s simple delights. Instead of rushing to wait in line for a barista blend at the coffee shop or to brave crowds at the mall for home goods, we’re brewing our own teas and making scented candles at home. Coziness also ranks high, as the versatility of a good set of sweats for working and neighborhood walks cannot be underscored. Many of our clients have been sending their teams care packages. Check out these work-from-home kits to send your employees while they’re working remotely. Yoga Resistance Stretch Fitness Belt Strap Namaste! These lightweight bands

Hooray! We’re thrilled to announce that Premier has been awarded top honors with two Awards of Excellence from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts’ 26th Annual 2020 Communicator Awards. Our team earned the awards in the categories of marketing/promotion and film/video for our projects with Nissan Motor Co. and Axalta Coating Systems, respectively. Great relationships are rooted in strong creative design, effective communications strategies and most importantly—trust between clients and our agency. Having these elements in place enables the opportunity to develop great work that is memorable, original and ultimately successful. We thank all of our clients for entrusting our