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Since first opening in Beverly Hills 18 years ago, Market Fresh has been making a name providing top quality, fresh grocery selections to its beautiful Metro-Detroit community and beyond. From wide selections of local and organic produce to premium meat and seafood options, shelves packed with specialty groceries and wines from around the world, they aim to make the world a little more delicious -- one table at a time.  As one of Premier’s long-term clients, the Market Fresh team has refined and modernized their branding, color palette, and logo to foster a clean, consistent look throughout all departments.   As everyone

A weary slog through the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic has led us directly into recessionary headwinds and instability across consumer, commercial, and industrial markets.   How bad will things get?  Have we already experienced the worst of the economic symptoms?  Rather than speculating, we’ll leave these questions to be answered by the actual experts on the economy.   When markets are in flux, one of the most important things that businesses can do is place an emphasis on retaining their current clients. This begins with a steady stream of communications, with a focal point on digital marketing geared toward customer success initiatives.  DID YOU KNOW:

By Sara Lavenduski When a company with a long history of representing union members across the country needed revamped branding and marketing, it turned to a nearby distributor known for their expertise. The Southfield, MI-based Locomotive Engineers & Conductors Mutual Protective Association (LECMPA), founded in 1910, provides wage-loss protection for unionized transportation workers in the U.S. First established for the rail industry, it now represents workers in a slew of industries, including UPS, the Teamsters and airlines. Premier Communications Group bundled and shipped 1,500 embroidered caps and customized cards to LECMPA members across the U.S. After finishing a new logo, website and brand identity

Having a series of professional photographs on hand is a great way to capture the spirit of your company and represent its identity through your website, social media content, trade shows and events, brochures and sales collateral, digital marketing, and more. When considering professional photography, you create the personality within the photography you are shooting. Photography is meant to bring out the selling points of your company and to highlight what you offer to clients. High quality photos will enhance your website through SEO. Optimized photos can boost your website to help get traction and improve search results.  Pro Tip: Adding alt text