Staying ‘Market Fresh’ on B2C Product Marketing and Retail Brand Management

Since first opening in Beverly Hills 18 years ago, Market Fresh has been making a name providing top quality, fresh grocery selections to its beautiful Metro-Detroit community and beyond. From wide selections of local and organic produce to premium meat and seafood options, shelves packed with specialty groceries and wines from around the world, they aim to make the world a little more delicious — one table at a time. 

Market Fresh

As one of Premier’s long-term clients, the Market Fresh team has refined and modernized their branding, color palette, and logo to foster a clean, consistent look throughout all departments.  
As everyone knows, the foundation of any successful brand design starts with the logo.  Specifically, the choice of fonts. We chose to develop a concept that was based on modern, clean copy that could be easily identified by shoppers of all ages and abilities. We included a simple tagline to remind their shoppers to “Eat Fresh Food,” that introduced a whimsical secondary font. 

Our team then drafted the branding onto a series of sales and marketing materials, including outdoor signage, in-store department and wayfinding signage, staff apparel, menus, bag designs, and a brand new Rewards Program.  

We conducted several photo and video shoots to capture Market Fresh’s unique seasonal selections available in-store, as well as interior and exterior features. This included a series of product shots, photos of the staff, and drone footage.  

Once we had these elemental details complete, we brought our strategy full circle by developing a beautiful and user-friendly website, which serves as a hub for all the upcoming Market Fresh news and updates. features online shopping, delivery, and submission requests for shoppers.  

Establishing equity between customers and your brand is crucial to the success of any business, regardless of the industry or field of expertise. Whether it’s updating copywriting and design, refreshing your website or establishing new messaging, our team is ready to help. Contact us today to refine your marketing strategy.