Q&A: Consider Personalized Imprints on Products

They make a statement, especially during the pandemic.
By Sara Lavenduski, Executive Editor, ASI

Premier Communications Group’s Mike Fossano, recently shared his advice about the value of personalization on promo items and why it’s a solid strategy for recognizing employees and enhancing end-buyers’ branding.

Q: What new significance has personalization taken this year?

A: While we’re social distancing, the focus has been to keep camaraderie and company culture alive. It can erode quickly when everyone’s isolated. Companies have to make sure staff know they’re valued. So, when possible, the items they give as gifts should be personalized with each person’s name and tailored to their wants and needs right now, like home office items and custom socks or slippers for comfort. The situation has opened up a lot of opportunity to enhance culture with lifestyle items.

Q: How have product trends changed?

A: Before the pandemic, items were more generic, like gift cards and coffee mugs. Now it’s higher-end apparel, entertaining items, candles and brand names. They’re good quality, and they’re displayed in the home with the company logo and a person’s first and last name on it. When people start to return to offices, the items will be displayed there too.

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Q: What do end-buyers need the most?

A: Get creative and suggest team care packages that are related to an industry. For construction clients, consider equipment that their workers can use in the field, like tool belts or workwear jackets, with the employee’s name on it. It should be useful as well as personalized to enhance the appreciation aspect.

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Q: What are some ways to surprise recipients?

A: Suggest to end-buyers that they wish all employees, from entry-level to directors, a happy birthday, work anniversary or recognition for a job well done with a personalized gift. Workers need to feel connected. Encourage them to keep track of customers’ birthdays and anniversaries too. We took so much for granted before, when business and the economy were doing well. There’s been a lot of sudden change, so we all have to work together to get through it.

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Q. How do personalized items help with end-buyers’ brand image?

A: Encourage end-buyers to stay engaged with their customers with personalized gifts for them and their families. Everyone can keep relationships strong with the right products. End-buyers should be ready for when the sales switch is turned back on and budgets open up again, and personalized products will get their brand out there in a meaningful way and keep them top of mind

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