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Message in a Bottle

Americans use billions of plastic bottles every year, at quite a cost to the environment. While they can be recycled – although not all plastics can be – that requires energy and raw materials. Oil and gas resources needed to create new products are in limited supply.

It would be difficult to avoid buying plastic all together. But if you really want to help the environment, take steps such as using filtered pitchers to replace bottled water, or choose from the many styles of reusable plastic, stainless or glass bottles available.

Another solution is to find a way to repurpose those bottles into something new. Many crafters have developed uses with amazing creativity. Equal parts water and oil plus a few drops of food coloring make a lava lamp. Slicing open the bottom of a soda or juice bottle leaves room for a skein of yarn. (Run the yarn through the bottle’s neck, tape the bottom back on, and your yarn stays free from tangles and pets.) Do some Internet and blog research to find instructions for making votive candleholders, coin purses, seedling greenhouses and more.

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