Premier Communications Group

Maria K. – Art Director Extraordinaire for 31 Years and Counting!

The way we operate has changed ten-fold since our agency’s early days. Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way that we do business; long-gone are the mammoth typesetters and photo developing labs, which were quickly elbowed out by ever-evolving design software, and this little thing called “the Internet.”

Through it all, we’ve stayed true our company culture, serving clients as a resource for creative marketing services centered on quality work and top client service. This is no better personified than looking toward our Art Director, Maria Kowalski, who recently celebrated her 31stanniversary working at Premier Communications Group.

Maria has been key to the success of many of our projects through the years, thanks in part to her ability to be a Swiss army knife in a designer’s form. There are times when she’s tasked with taking the reins on a project to establish the design direction—no easy task, given that our clients range from OEMs and automotive suppliers to dining and hospitality. She’s also the glue that keeps projects moving along with last minute press checks and client changes—all with a smile, to boot!

Outside of work, Maria and her husband live in Wyandotte with their two children and loves to rescue dogs. You can count on her to help select and enjoy a delicious bottle of red wine! 

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