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Keep Employees Engaged and Connected at Home

The quarantine period has brought out an appreciation of life’s simple delights. Instead of rushing to wait in line for a barista blend at the coffee shop or to brave crowds at the mall for home goods, we’re brewing our own teas and making scented candles at home. Coziness also ranks high, as the versatility of a good set of sweats for working and neighborhood walks cannot be underscored.

Many of our clients have been sending their teams care packages. Check out these work-from-home kits to send your employees while they’re working remotely.

Yoga Resistance Stretch Fitness Belt Strap

Namaste! These lightweight bands are rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant This resistance band is made from high quality latex. These bands are rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant. Ideal for home workouts, yoga, pilates, stretching and fitness training, these resistance loops take up very little space.

No Stress Kit

Working from home can be stressful. Why not give a kit that helps take the edge off? The No Stress Kit includes fun, whimsical stress-relieving products such as Pearl Putty, a gel HGX Stress ball and a Coloring Mousepad.

Dress Sock Care Package

Boost morale and promote team unity with “toe”-tally unique socks! Promote your team unity and comfort with custom-designed socks that are made to fit any feet and provide a relaxing fit any time of the day.

Custom branded socks

Work From Home Survival Kit

Trying to navigate working at home? Be productive with the Work From Home Survival Kit. This kit comes with nine essentials to help you stay on task, including a “do not disturb” sign, webcam cover, conference call bingo card, desk yoga guide, fidget cube, and earplugs. Snag one for yourself or send a smile to a friend or co-worker.

All the Essentials

Send your employees a kit that helps adapt their home environment for work, downtime and everything in between. This kit includes all the essentials: The ProBuff Gift set for keeping screens clean, Private Eye/Ear Combo for privacy protection, Recycled Mouse Mat, USB-C adapter, and NoWire Wood 10W charging disk. Working from home is about to get easier!

Office and Snacks on the Go

Engaging remote teams is key to your company’s productivity, health and happiness. We make it easy by delivering a workplace experience they’ll love and appreciate! This kit includes you need to keep you organized and charged working from home. Includes non-woven insulated cooler filled with branded water bottle, spiral notepad, highlighter, Kind Bar and Fruit Snacks. Each branded with your message or logo.

Italian Dinner Tote

Momma mia! Treat your employees to an extra special and unique gift that their whole family can enjoy! This kit includes everything they’ll need for the perfect Italian dinner, including pasta, sauce and a wooden spoon packaged inside a branded jute gift bag.