Premier Communications Group

Insight from an Intern

Life After High School

This summer I was given the wonderful opportunity to work at Premier Communications Group for my dad, Randy. When I reflect back on who I was before working at PCG, I see an 18-year-old girl, fresh out of high school, unsure of what to do with her life. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t know where life will take me—but this job has guided me in the right direction and taught me more than I could have ever imagined.

This year has been the most bittersweet year of my life. With the events of senior year, graduating high school, last minute vacations and prepping for art school in the fall, I feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to step back and cherish these moments. To top off the list of big events, I started working at PCG. I didn’t know where I was headed with this new position—all I knew was that it would give me insight and prepare me for my upcoming year at College for Creative Studies. It sure did prepare me, but it also taught me a whirlwind of information I would have never gained from another job.

Creative Lessons Learned

By the end of my time at PCG, I was managing our social media accounts, our blog site, and helping my coworkers with projects for clients. However, I learned the most when I would sit in on staff meetings and just listen. Although I’m majoring in fine arts, I now have an eye for graphic design, and have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the advertising world. Working here has widely expanded my knowledge and helped me discover a new creative side of me.

Working in a creative environment kept me motivated and driven to come into work every day. Having responsibilities such as fulfilling clients’ needs and deadlines challenged me to stay on top of things. My time-management skills have greatly improved, along with my independence and productivity.

An Inviting Environment

The greatest part of it all was getting to know the staff. When I started, everyone was so welcoming and helpful—and nothing has changed since. It’s important to feel comfortable and needed in a workspace, and the staff here did a great job of making me feel useful and significant. Every day I was inspired by the creative energy that filled the office, and the strong determination that each person displayed.

On a personal note: Dad, I can’t put into words how much I appreciate your work, and how much I look up to you. I couldn’t have asked for a better summer job to get me in the mindset of creating.

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