Premier Communications Group

Insight from an Intern Part 2

While working my third summer for PCG, I have been able to experience firsthand the unparalleled changes that have unexpectedly come up within these last few months. Thanks to our strong leadership, we’ve stayed open during the pandemic by working remotely, and weathered through it by retaining our staff and taking safety measures to make it as normal as possible transitioning back to the office. 

We stayed consistent with clients by discovering new paths they can take, and created innovative PR and marketing campaigns to help them stay relevant and discover new opportunities.

Obviously things have been changing over time, like having to replace a face-to-face conversation over coffee with a virtual meeting from a lonely conference room, but overall PCG’s experience and consistency has shone through by staying on track and navigating through obstacles that small businesses have been inevitably facing. It’s one thing to fend for yourself and push innovation, but being able to give your clients a helping hand through hard times has made us essential, becoming a viable business partner for our clients— which is the biggest takeaway I have from this summer.

PCG is a great company to work for and I’m extremely thankful to be given this opportunity every summer to work for such a dynamic, forward-looking company. It’s rewarding to gain insight and knowledge from such an talented team, and to witness how change is handled in such a hopeful light.

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