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How to Guide Your Customers Through Uncertain Times

Just because you won’t be meeting in-person as frequently doesn’t equate to a sacrifice of quality in how effectively you serve clients. Never lose sight of the fact that all business relationships, at their core, are forged by a human connection.  

The ongoing pandemic has sent companies across nearly all industries hurtling toward widespread remote work as a forced reality. That means that “let’s Zoom tomorrow” is suddenly a familiar refrain and also left companies that weren’t prepared for this shift to grapple with understanding how to reroute in-person meetings and events through virtual channels.

We’re likely staring down a period of reduced face-to-face meetings in the short- and long-term. It’s time for companies across all industries to reflect, identify growth areas and proactively plan to act immediately on future success opportunities—while continuing to serve as a resource for their customer base.

You got this!

Take stock of your client relationships:

  • Who needs a new approach when lunch meetings aren’t happening?
  • Whose business is likely to suffer most from periods of widespread quarantine, and how can you quickly adapt your structure to address their pain points?

Stir it up

When it comes to generating new business opportunities, regardless of industry, companies will need to refine their client service strategies. Professional conferences in every sector are being cancelled, postponed, or rolled into online-only events.

What does that mean? Announcements about big news about data, clinical trials, product launches and trends aren’t going to be communicated the way anyone planned. Major events are already being shifted toward a virtual platform—you want to arrive at the ground floor before your competition does.

At Premier, this fits into our guiding principles for our team and our clients are the same as ever: creativity and communication. We’ve developed microsites that serve as virtual trade show booths that incorporate aesthetics of the exhibit with “handouts”—downloadable whitepapers, brochures, data sheets—even “drop your business card” giveaways. All forms and download links are trackable to plug into your sales team’s funnels.

Turning the content you wanted to share in real life into dynamic digital online content such as animation, recorded presentations, interactive design—that’s the differentiator that companies need to embrace and put to work.

Take on a Proactive Plan

We’ve been living through unprecedented times. However, with great challenges come enormous opportunities. It’s vital to remain proactive and plan for what happens once conditions improve. That means you should start planning now.

You can’t simply turn on the switch at will. Build your strategy now to capture opportunities that will present themselves. Those who wait for opportunity to knock are already too late—others showed up early for a seat at the table are already eating. Are you properly prepared for what’s next?