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Helping to shape a creative future

The holidays brought some special surprises to local schoolkids last December. Inspired to help students realize their creative potential, we donated essential art supplies to metro Detroit classrooms in need of the basics.

It’s been truly heartwarming to see the results. Using the gifted supplies, the children shared pictures of drawings that honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Feedback from the teachers and you – our friends and colleagues – reminded us how the tiniest spark of encouragement can spur a creative imagination. Seeing these growing seeds of self-expression assured us that the future is indeed taking shape!

We hope you had fun with the mix-n-match snowman parts in our “Shaping a Creative Future” holiday package. We certainly enjoyed the photos posted to our Facebook page. Some snowmen were winter fashion icons, nattily attired; others were extreme overachievers, trying out all the sporting gear at once!

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