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Digital Branding Through Remote Working

Utilizing digital channels is vital to maintaining business development— especially now, when people are working remotely. Keeping your brand top-of-mind with targeted audiences is a good way to display activity, keep conversation flowing and strengthen relationships. Communication is a foundational element of marketing; forming relationships is the bedrock of successful businesses.

Develop virtual connections

Cultivating your business network is key during a time like this. Help your clients quickly adapt to the change by providing them with new digital opportunities like webinars, email marketing, and taking advantage of digital branding to define your company. Through Appraisal Buzz, we set up an online webinar for our clients at Metro-West, treating it as a town hall meeting by opening up questions from the audience. Taking a typical webinar format and flipping it can be beneficial.

Get creative with online events

Since events such as trade shows have been postponed due to the pandemic, industry organizations have turned to virtual options instead. Take advantage of these digital branding opportunities by participating in virtual trade shows and events to meet one on one with your audience. For our clients at ClearBalance, we designed a virtual trade show to highlight their services through brochures and information.

Updated website design and SEO Updates

Your website functions as the hub of all sales and marketing activities. When potential customers search for what you do, you want to show up at the top. Now is a great time to redesign your website and get on top of any performance updates to the back-end or front-end that your website needs.

Effective email marketing and social media

Email marketing is an effective way to directly reach customers and industry peers to consistently get the word out about the latest happenings at your company.

Social media is an immediate way to reach out and connect with specific audiences. It allows you to get the word out on the latest news, products, and events to raise awareness about your company. For our clients at Transcendia, we use social media as a way to target certain markets and promote their products.

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