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How Promotional Products can Boost your Business

In today’s digital world, many businesses are neglecting the power of the promotional product.

Promotional products, swag or branded giveaways are usually a small token given by a company to promote their product or service but can also be a thank you gift for loyal clients and employee recognition. Whatever you call them, they can be the most enduring and influential advertising you can do.

As consumers, we have learned to tune out most forms of advertising. Television commercials are skipped thanks to the DVR or are missing altogether due to the many streaming services available. Social Media advertising can be blocked or unfollowed if we don’t want to see it.

Online marketing can be a wonderful tool, but does not have the unique staying power of a physical item that you can touch, feel and use.

Almost 9 of 10 consumers in the U.S. have reported owning branded pens or drinkware. 8 of 10 have a logoed T-shirt. Just think, your company is out there represented for months. Every time someone uses your pen or mug and sees your shirt or hat, your message is sent. 

   Source: ASI 2019 Ad Impressions Study

Branded items tend to be kept for an average of one year. That’s not all – more than half of people who receive a promotional product will give it away to someone else when they are finished with it.

Source: ASI 2019 Ad Impressions Study

Many retail brands such as Nike, Adidas and Carhartt are available and are waiting for your logo to make it completely unique. However, feel free to think outside the box! There are thousands of promotional items on the market to brand your business and send the message that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Next time you go to lunch, take a look at your server’s pen. I’ll bet there is a company logo on it.

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