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A Game with Purpose

Welcome to our 2012 calendar trivia game! Continuing our “Simplicity” theme, join us as we challenge ourselves to find ways where we can make a difference by following the core principles of Forgotten Harvest: to repurpose. A little redirection of thought and actions can effect big changes.

Each page of our 2012 calendar features an environmental trivia question. That question is also shown here on our blog. Go to the column at the right to submit your answer. One winner per month will be selected at random from correct entries. The winner will be notified by contact information provided on the submission form.

Resolve to Reduce

You’re probably still recovering from overindulging at your holiday meals. If so, count your blessings! The number of people still struggling to put basics on their tables is staggering, and the need for emergency food relief services is growing.

As you formulate your meal plans and grocery lists this year, give some thought to making the most of your purchases. Seek out imaginative ways to reuse leftovers to minimize waste. Pack your lunch for work to use up remainders rather than dining out. Starting that weight loss program? Smaller portions may not only reduce your waistline, they may also cut back on food overruns. And you can always freeze surplus for a rainy day.

Don’t like reheats? Become a composting enthusiast. Save your citrus rinds, apple peels and other fruit skins/trimmings, dry them on a rack or food dehydrator and make homemade potpourri. If you can’t think of ideas on your own, there are numerous web sites and blogs devoted to the subject that can help. Repurposing possibilities are endless!

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